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In our years as a leader in the auto-refinance game, we have helped so many of our customers score better terms on their auto loans. We’ve also made some friends along the way, and we wanted to share our vast partner network with you! Through our RefiJet Partner Marketplace, you can get exclusive deals on car insurance, credit services, car maintenance and more.
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About The Company

Self. Financial Inc. is a comprehensive credit-tracking service that gives users access to a variety of tools that empower them to build their credit. Between credit history tracking, educational resources and credit building services, Self. helps you become the master of your credit score. The unique credit building programs offered through Self. allow anyone and everyone to restore any credit blights that hold you back financially. They create pathways through Credit Builder loans, rent and bill reporting and even a Self. Visa credit card with customizable limits that widen your future financial horizons. Their service reports to all three major credit bureaus so you can see big changes in your credit score as quickly as possible.
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Other Partners

Upstart is the leading lending marketplace powered by AI. They connect consumers to a wide variety of financial institutions and use cutting edge tech to deliver superior credit products. If you’re in the market for a competitive auto loan, Upstart can connect you with the best lender using their smart credit model.
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Engine by MoneyLion is a finance marketplace platform that matches users with financial product recommendations from their broad network of top providers across all digital platforms. They provide access to the largest network of premium financial institutions so that you can access the most lending options when it comes to securing an auto loan.
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Take the stress out of your check engine light experience with Fixd diagnostic sensors. With cutting edge technology that translates maintenance codes into plain english, you can save yourself thousands at the repair shop by diagnosing your car yourself with a Fixd scanner.
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