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Extended Service Contracts

Auto Refinancing
Even when you’ve purchased the perfect vehicle and did all the research you could, things happen. You may have to deal with a few unexpected repairs from time-to-time. The problem is that these costs can be rather high quite often, squeezing your budget. That’s why we offer Extended Service Contracts (ESC). It’s an easy way to take off some of that pressure.

Extended service contracts are available with the loans we offer. If you think it’s the right choice for you, let your RefiJet Financial Services Representative know. They will let you know your options for structuring your new loan to include the Extended Service Contract that best suits your needs.
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What Is an Extended
Service Contract?

When you choose an Extended Service Contract, it helps you avoid unexpected and expensive repairs. There’s no way to avoid routine maintenance, but with an ESC, you get the financial help you need to cover the cost of unexpected repairs. These contracts cover a variety of repair types, including some of the most common, expensive repairs that you don’t want to pay for out-of-pocket. This could include problems with your vehicle’s engine and transmission, as well as your vehicle’s electronics.

Not All Extended Service
Contracts Are the Same

If you’re purchasing a car, you’ll want to ensure you consider the advantages of Extended Service Contracts. However, be sure to know what you’re buying. Not all of these contracts are equal. Here at RefiJet, we offer a comprehensive contract that even includes things like the following:
If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of a busy highway or you are stuck in a parking lot, you can have it towed in for repairs. Towing costs – depending on the vehicle and conditions – tend to be expensive when paid out-of-pocket. Your Extended Service Contract may cover all of those costs for you.
The contracts we offer often include extras for lodging if you are on the road when your vehicle breaks down. If you are taking a long trip away from home and your engine fails, for example, your Extended Service Contract may kick in to provide you with the financial support you need to book a hotel for the night if you’re too far from home.
Electronics Coverage
Most of the Extended Service Contracts available will also cover the high-tech electronics that you have in your vehicle. This may help you with features such as your navigation system or your onboard sensors and security system. (Be sure to verify with our team which features you have on your vehicle).
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Getting the Repair Help You Need

When something goes wrong, and you need to have your vehicle repaired right away, you may benefit from the type of Extended Service Contract we offer more than you realize. When choosing an Extended Service Contract, one of the key factors to consider is who will do the repairs for you. If you’ve selected a contract from RefiJet, you can rest easy knowing that you have the flexibility to choose any certified mechanic to handle the repairs.  You don’t have to go to the dealership.

You also do not have to worry about who is doing the work for you and whether you can trust them. That’s because you can choose the mechanic you use. You will be able to go to any ASE certified mechanic with this coverage. That can take the pressure off when choosing a pro that is close to home or a professional you trust. You can also use your manufacturer’s dealerships for these repairs.

Finding the Right ESC for You

At RefiJet, we aim to make the entire process of securing an Extended Service Contract for your vehicle as easy as possible. We offer a variety of options for you to choose from, ensuring there’s a level of protection that is right for you and for your vehicle. The options in Extended Service Contract plans from RefiJet are based on your specific loan and the vehicle.

Keep in mind that if you refinance your auto loan, you can obtain a new Extended Service Contract with ample coverage to continue protecting your vehicle. You can also cancel your existing coverage. This may mean you are due a pro-rated refund from the provider for the canceled contract.

Let our team help you choose the right coverage for your needs. It’s easy and fast. Best of all, you may be surprised by just how affordable this type of contract can be for you.

Why Should You Use an Extended Service Contract?

Let’s make it easy to consider the benefits it offers. You are welcome to speak to our Financial Services Representative with any questions you have. With these contracts, you may:
Secure an affordable contract that fits in your monthly auto loan payment and your budget
Minimize the need to pay out-of-pocket for repair costs associated with your vehicle
Choose your own mechanic, one you trust and feel good working with
Benefit from extended protections such as towing to your mechanic and lodging if you are away from home
Avoid having to worry about an expensive surprise cost when you use an Extended Service Contract. That is the best way to reduce the risk on your wallet while also keeping your vehicle in good condition. With these contracts, you don’t have to wonder how you’ll pay for repairs when you cannot drive your car.Get Started Now by filling out our contact form or give RefiJet a call to find out what type of Extended Service Contract can be included in your new auto refinance loan.
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