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Buyout Your Lease

Buyout Your Lease
Do you have a lease on your car, motorcycle, truck, or SUV? Is it coming due?  Would you like to buy out your lease?  If you like your vehicle and want to keep driving it rather than buying or leasing a new vehicle, you may want to do a lease buy out.

You normally would have to make a large balloon payment at the end of the lease if you plan to keep the vehicle. At RefiJet, we can help you buy out your lease by getting a loan rather than making a large balloon payment, giving you the ability to pay over time.
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How Does It Work?

Review monthly payment options with a RefiJet Agent
Depending on the amount you owe on the lease, you may find the monthly payment is affordable to you.
Choose the length of the loan that fits your needs
Sometimes, a longer loan can help to reduce the monthly cost.
Determine the interest that applies to the loan
You'll be offered different options to fit most needs.
Keep your car at the end of your lease!
With a new loan that meets your needs.
There’s no pre-payment penalty!
You can pay off the loan early and save even more on the interest.

Why work with RefiJet
on your Lease Buyout?

Why work with RefiJet?
Cutting-Edge Technology
Our industry-leading technology automatically and securely transfers data to get you the best rates in minutes.
Committed to Compliance
RefiJet is dedicated to following the letter of the law when it comes to compliance around consumer communications and data security.
Excellent Customer Service
With one of the highest customer service and consumer review ratings in the industry, your satisfaction is our top priority.
About Lease Buyouts
How Can You Refinance Your Lease Into an Auto Loan?
If you want to buy out your lease when it’s over, it may be easier than you realize. You could always turn in the vehicle and start the leasing process over, but for many drivers, keeping the car is your best choice. For vehicle owners interested in keeping their vehicle, you will usually have to pay one large lump sum “balloon payment” at the end of your lease. Or, you can take that residual balloon payment and finance it like a regular auto loan.

At the end of your lease, it’s important to consider the benefits of keeping your vehicle. A new vehicle will likely cost you significantly more. This is why so many drivers choose to finance their end-of-lease balloon payment.
When Is It Time to Stop Leasing?
There are benefits to leasing a car, especially if you like to change rides every few years. However, leasing isn’t ideal for everyone. In the long term, you’ll have to make a large balloon payment in order to own your car.

With a traditional auto loan, you own the car once the loan has been paid in full. With every payment, you purchase ownership and build equity in your vehicle. You can do the same thing when you finance the residual payment on your lease. This process takes your lease to a loan, and moves you from “renter” to “owner” of your vehicle.
How Does the Process of Buying-Out a Lease Work?
Lucky for you, the lease buyout process is easy. RefiJet’s experts will walk you through the process, to save you time and headache.

You can give us a call or request more information here. Our team will work with you to secure the best possible offers for buying out your lease. You don’t need to commit to the process yet, you are welcome to just explore your options. We will give you loan estimates so you’ll know what you’ll be paying and for how long.

RefiJet specializes in lease buyouts, so we can answer any questions you may have about buying out your lease. Our team is ready to handle every step of the process, including securing your new vehicle title.
What Can You Expect from the Process?

RefiJet does our best to ensure the easiest possible process when it comes to buying out your loan. We evaluate lenders for you, with your goals in mind, and match you with the best loan that you qualify for.

Here is a breakdown of our loan buyout process:

  • First, we discuss the monthly payment options. Depending on the amount you owe, you may be surprised by how affordable your monthly payment could be.
  • Next, we will choose the loan parameters that suit your needs. A longer loan may make for a lower monthly payment, while a shorter loan will get it paid off quicker.
  • Then, we will discuss potential interest rates. There will be different options to fit most needs here, too.
  • There’s no prepayment penalty, which means you can pay off the loan early and save even more on the interest.
  • The entire process can be done quickly, allowing you to complete the buy-out quickly.
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