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Road Trip Suggestions During COVID-19


Road-tripping during a pandemic doesn’t have to be a challenge. But, there are a few road trip suggestions you should take into consideration before your next outing. First things first, you need to plan your route! Decide which states you want to visit and then determine a timeline for each one.

Here Are Our Top Picks of States to Visit During COVID–19

Road Trip Suggestions - Colorado


For guidance on what Colorado’s restrictions are click here.

Road Trip Suggestions - Utah


For guidance on what Utah’s restrictions are click here.

Road Trip Suggestions - Wyoming


For guidance on what Wyoming’s restrictions are click here.

Road Trip Suggestions - Idaho


For guidance on what Idaho’s restrictions are click here.

Road Trip Suggestions - New Mexico

New Mexico

For guidance on what New Mexico’s restrictions are click here.

Road Trip Suggestions - Arizona


For guidance on what Arizona’s restrictions are click here.

Road Trip Suggestions - North Carolina

North Carolina

For guidance on what North Carolina’s restrictions are click here.

Covid Precautions

What to Pack

Our next road trip suggestion is to pack personal protective equipment! Of course, you need to pack normal road trip items such as water/beverages, snacks, sunglasses, and blankets/pillows. But, during this pandemic, make sure you also bring protective items such as hand sanitizer, masks, disposable gloves, and disinfecting wipes.

Road Trip Suggestions - Stopping for Food

Where to Eat

Although stopping at a sit-down restaurant may be nice, you may want to consider other alternatives for your trip. An idea when it comes to food is to consider bringing a cooler with your own food such as deli meat, bread, yogurt, and fruit. But, if you prefer to eat out, you could target restaurants that have a drive-through or take-out option. Then, plan to eat in your car or find a nice grassy spot to have a picnic!

Road Trip Suggestions - Gas Station

Rest Stops and Gas Stations

This may be an area that you wouldn’t normally think about, but planning rest stops or trips to the gas station are important right now. Thankfully, most rest stops are open and taking extra safety precautions. But, make sure you bring your hand sanitizer and grab a napkin or towel so you don’t have to touch the door.

The same goes for gas stations. Using a napkin or disposable glove when touching the gas pump or convenience store door is recommended. Another suggestion during this pandemic is to use your credit card instead of cash when possible.

Road Trip Suggestions - Hotel Cleaning

Hotel Accommodations/Camp Grounds

Not all hotels and campgrounds are open, so make sure you do your research beforehand. Hotels are also being more vigilant with their cleaning practices. If only staying 1 or 2 nights, considering passing on cleaning services to limit the number of people entering your room.

When it comes to camping, you don’t have to worry as much about being in contact with other people. But, for these road trip suggestions, we recommend keeping your protective equipment with you, especially if camping with other people. Again, make sure to call the campground beforehand to make sure they are even open during your dates of travel.


To summarize, your road trip doesn’t have to be any more challenging or stressful than it normally would. Just make sure you are prepared in advance by following these road trip suggestions. Plan a route you want to take, create a checklist of everything you need to bring, and research the places you want to go/stay and make sure they are open. If you follow these tips, your trip is sure to go off without a hitch!

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