SUV Refinancing

See if you qualify for a better loan for your SUV

Maybe you love your SUV because it takes you on amazing adventures.  Or maybe you love your SUV because it ensures your family’s safety and comfort.  Maybe you are really proud of all the amazing features it has.  No matter why you love your SUV, if you want to keep it longer and pay less for it, refinancing could be a great option for you.

RefiJet makes it fast and easy to explore your options for getting a better loan.  We evaluate your specific credit situation, financial needs, and SUV value.  Then we present you with various options for which you qualify.  For many SUV owners, refinancing is a practical way to save money, manage a budget, adjust to a new life situation, or just get a better loan for your current needs.

How Does SUV Refinancing Work?

Just fill out the short form on this page to get started.  Then we will give you a call to gather more information and identify the various options for which you qualify.  We work with you one-on-one to gather your information.  You don’t even have to fill out the application!  We want to understand your refinancing goal so we can identify the best options for your needs.  We work with multiple lenders.  So, we can typically find an option that will meet your specific needs and help you keep your SUV, but with a better loan.

Do All SUVs Qualify for Refinancing?

SUVs that are less than 10 years old and have less than 150,000 miles typically will qualify for refinancing.  Whether you off-road with it, cart the kids around, and/or go on long road trips, your SUV will qualify.

Do You Have Good Loan Payment History?

When you can demonstrate strong payment history on your current loan, new lenders tend to be more interested in offering you a new loan with better terms. Being up-to-date on your current loan and having on-time payments for at least the last 6 months puts you in a strong position for refinancing.

How Much Can You Refinance?

Your SUV’s value is a large factor in the amount you can refinance.  Lenders consider the Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio when setting loan terms, such as APR and maximum Term.  When you work with RefiJet, we determine an accurate value of your SUV so the lender can evaluate the LTV.  The lower the ratio of the loan amount to your SUV’s, the lower the risk to the lender.  The lower the LTV, the better loan terms for you.

Multiple factors are involved in evaluating your SUV’s value.  We use a third-party guide to define the value of your SUV. The guide starts with the make, model, and year.  All you have to do is give us the VIN, which is a unique identifying number for your SUV.  Based on the VIN, the guide gives us details about your vehicle and is the first piece of information used to determine value.  Then, you get to tell us how much you use your SUV and what features it has, so we can get an accurate value.  Specifically, you will provide info on:


The lower the mileage the lower the lender’s risk and the higher the value.  However, as long as your SUV has less than 150,000 miles on it, it will likely qualify for refinancing.


When we evaluate your SUV’s value using a third-party guide, the VIN helps define its standard features.  We also discuss the various manufacturer features your specific SUV may have.  No matter which manufacturer features you have, they can add value, so we want to know about them.  We will make sure the valuation guide reflects those features, which will increase the value above the standard base amount. We want to make sure we have an accurate description of your specific vehicle, so the value is accurate for the lender.

With all this information, the third-party guide defines your SUV’s “book” value, which is used to calculate the LTV.

It’s Ok if You Have Benn Turned Down dor a Loan or a Refinance!

Maybe you had a hard time getting a loan in the past.  Or, maybe you have been turned down when you recently tried to refinance.  Either way, RefiJet may have some options for you.  We work with many industry-leading lenders that may not be working with other refinance companies.  RefiJet offers unique options because of the strength of our program and our customer service. Many competitors can’t offer the same loan options. Even if you think you are a tough case, we can probably help.  If you think your credit situation has improved a lot since you originally got your loan, our options may be significantly better than your current loan.

When Should You Consider Refinancing Your SUV?

It doesn’t cost anything to evaluate your options with RefiJet, so anytime is a good time to consider refinancing!  When you talk with RefiJet, we can help you identify the benefits of refinancing, such as:

  • Reduce your monthly loan payment – on average, we help borrowers that are looking to reduce their monthly loan payment by $150*.
  • Reduce your interest rate – achieve potentially significant savings in the amount of interest you pay on your auto loan, which may save you money over the lifetime of your ownership.
  • Obtain a better loan term – this can help to dramatically reduce the amount of your monthly payment, helping you manage your monthly budget.
  • Add or remove a borrower from the loan – Either way, you can end up with the best loan to fit your current needs and situation.

If you want to save money on your monthly payment, get a better loan for your situation, or just want to see what your options are, complete the form on this page.  Then, with a short call with RefiJet, we will describe the options that are available to meet your goals.

Why Choose RefiJet to Refinance Your SUV?

Our goal is to put you in the best position for which you qualify for your new loan.  You can avoid the hassles and frustrations of investigating all the options with various lenders yourself.  We work with multiple leading lenders.  We can identify your options all at once.  We provide you with offers right away.  All you have to do is pick the option that works best for you, then sign the loan documents.  We do all the rest.  You can move into a better loan as fast as possible!  Get started, talk to one of refinance experts about refinancing your SUV. Let us analyze your situation and help you find the best auto loan refinance option for you.

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This average monthly auto loan payment savings reflects loans where the borrower chose to lower their monthly payment. Not every auto refinance is intended to lower monthly payment. These savings are not guaranteed. Individual savings and rates may differ.

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